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ACHOO® Protective Screens are a premium protective screen designed for business, retail, hospitality, office and reception use. Part of a unique signature range of premium Perspex screens from XL Displays brought to you under the ACHOO® Screens brand, only available from XL Displays UK.

ACHOO® Protective Screens

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ACHOO® Perspex Screens

Discover the solutions you need for your business to safely operate and help mitigate the spread of infection, utilising Perspex screens and protective barrier screens. In conjunction with a regimented hygiene and cleaning schedule, social distancing measures, plastic screens can be an effective physical barrier against Coronavirus. Viral Infection is spread via micro droplets in the air when an infected person sneezes or coughs. Plastic Screens and windows are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), as part of a programme to minimise infection and their use is supported by the UK Government.

ACHOO® Perspex screens and clear glass acrylic dividers benefit from being wipeable, easy to clean surfaces allowing each screen to be sanitised and kept clean for virus control and reduce the possibility of infection.

Protective screens are available in a wide range of styles including freestanding screens, desk mounted partition dividers, frameless dividers, counter top desk guards, office pods, mobile dividing screens on wheels and reception and counter screens.

ACHOO® 'Sneeze Guards' provide additional functionality to traditional fabric desk screens, adding additional protection to staff and employees though easier sanitisation and hygiene, whilst allowing light and visibility into workstations, creating see-through barriers that reduce isolation, encourage communication whilst offering staff and customers a degree of protection from airborne viral transmission.

Combined with a sensible and effective layout of an office, glass screens help to integrate social distancing and enable your business to function with a reduced risk of spread of infection. In addition, they can reassure staff and customers that you take their health and safety seriously, which may help create a happier and more productive workplace for staff and business for customer visiting your premises.

Our social distancing screens are manufactured in either the UK or Europe, using high quality materials, including genuine Perspex on some models, toughened safety glass, 5mm Acrylic plastic screen material and have an aluminium construction. Aluminium is an ideal framing material as it is lightweight, easy to clean and is non-porous. Our protective screens give you functionality and modern design throughout the current pandemic and will last throughout COVID-19 and beyond.

Our Screens Are Ideal For:

Offices & Call Centres

Offices & Call Centres

Used to create socially distanced workstations and desk areas. Sneeze screens provide a hygienic protection barrier between employees.

Hospitals & NHS Medical Centres

Hospitals & NHS Medical Centres

They are ideal for use in waiting areas and on reception desks for frontline employee protection and to maintain a safe distance from the public.

Shops & Retail Shopping Centres

Shops & Retail Shopping Centres

Perfect for tills, checkouts and self-service areas, sneeze screens can be easily wiped to maintain a safe and clean shopping environment.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Ideal for busy educational environments where ‘social bubbles’ need to remain separated and segregated from one another.

Hairdressers, Salons & Barbers

Hairdressers, Salons & Barbers

Used to divide stylist stations, barber chairs and wash basins so that clients can enjoy a safe experience where close contact is unavoidable.

Pubs & Bars

Pubs & Bars

Used to create separate social areas and seating areas so that customer and bar staff are always protected and socially distanced.

Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants & Cafes

Ideal for restaurant dining areas and café tables to reduce contact, risk of transmission and to aid employee protection.

Doctors & Dental Surgeries

Doctors & Dental Surgeries

Ideal for reception desks and waiting areas where multiple people are usually present at one time.

Entertainment Venues & Theatres

Entertainment Venues & Theatres

Sneeze screens can be used to maintain safe and hygienic social distancing in venues where small groups of customers are present.

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels & Hospitality

Perfect for hotel reception desks and conference centres, Perspex screens can be used to direct traffic & reduce contact between people.

Gyms, Leisure & Sports Centres

Gyms, Leisure & Sports Centres

Suitable for separating cardio machines & fitness equipment on gym floors & leisure centres as well as used on reception desks.

Industrial & Warehouses

Industrial & Warehouses

Protection screens can be strategically placed between machine & workstations or used to create a one-way system for safer working.


'Achoo' is a synonym of 'sneeze'. Achoo is photic sneeze reflex, medically known as: ‘Autosomal Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst’, which is abbreviated to ‘ACHOO’.

'Achoo Screen' is semantically similar to the term 'Sneeze Screen' and is a brand trademark of XL Displays Ltd for a range of Protection Screens, glass screens and hygiene solutions, manufactured and launched in May 2020 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Due to it’s now common use in the English language, ’Sneeze Screens’ is a descriptor for a screen manufactured from either Perspex, acrylic, plastic material or glass that is designed to protect people from airborne transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Screens can be either desk mounted, free standing, attached to a counter or reception desk, hung from the ceiling or be on castor wheels so they are mobile and moveable.

Barrier screens are essential for when strict social distancing is not possible. The World Health Organisation advises to: "Use physical barriers to reduce exposure to the COVID-19 virus, such as glass or plastic windows."

Many of our models of protective screens are manufactured with genuine Perspex®, sourced for the UK. Other models of screens are manufactured with plastic acrylic or with toughened safety glass, sourced from either the UK or Europe. All manufacturing is done in either the UK or within Europe.

Select models in our range of Desk Screens and free standing screens can be optioned with thermally toughened Safety Glass, which is impact tested to British Standard: BS 6206: 1981 - Class A. We source our glass from Pilkington® and Saint-Gobain®.

Toughened glass, also known as Tempered Glass, is four to five times stronger than standard annealed float glass and if broken, disintegrates into small fragments with dulled edges that are less likely to cause injury. Glass has advantages over Acrylic / Perspex® as it is far more resilient to scratches, is easier to clean and keep sanitised and maintain a smear free finish. Safety glass is an ideal material for use in protective screens.

Coronavirus is spread via micro droplets in the air when an infected person sneezes, coughs, talks or has physical contact with other people. The risk of infection is greatly increased in indoor environments, during face-to-face encounters and where social distancing is not possible, or being ignored.

Screens made of plastic or glass are a physical barrier that may catch the micro droplets and reduce the risk of saliva droplets reaching another person. By creating a barrier, the possibility of the virus lingering on communal surfaces is greatly reduced as the areas are physically segregated, reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.

With regular hand washing, use of alcohol based hand sanitiser and the avoidance of touching your face; protective screens are an effective solution to minimise the risk of infection. Plastic screens are suitable for installation in most public places.

Nothing can be guaranteed to be 100% effective but plastic safety screens used for the protection of staff and employees in public venues are an effective way of creating a physical barrier and potentially reduce the risk and spread of airborne infections.

COVID-19 is spread via micro droplets in the air from infected people and social distancing screens may stop the likelihood of the virus covering your hands, face or contact surfaces.

Research has shown that people can carry the COVID-19 virus but show no symptoms or signs of illness. This is known as Asymptomatic. It is believed that the virus is at its most contagious at this stage, which is thought to last up to 5 days.

Protective Screens can play an important part in a larger programme of safety measures if installed correctly and used in conjunction with thorough hygiene procedures, wearing a face covering and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Perspex®, acrylic or plastic material is more susceptible to scratching than tempered glass so we advise you clean your Sneeze Screens carefully with soft, dedicated cloths.

Soft microfiber towels are ideal, or use a dedicated glass cleaning cloth, which is often a waffle weave construction. Remove all brand labels from the cloths as these can cause scratching and marring.

We recommend using two cloths, one to apply the cleaning product and the other cloth to buff to a smear free finish. Spray the cleaning solution into the first microfiber towel and wipe the surface of the screen. As the cleaner solution starts to dry, quickly buff the surface with the second, clean and dry cloth, to remove the cleaning residue and leave a streak free finish.

There are many glass cleaners available, which will work, and Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is ideal for plastic and glass as it kills germs and viruses.

We have a selection of protection screen solutions available in stock for delivery in either 48 hours, 3 days or 5/7 working days. Please browse our range of screens as the delivery information is located on the product pages and varies with each product.

For larger quantity orders or certain models, the manufacture time may be up to 20 working days. These screens are manufactured to order. Custom sizes modifications are available but will extend the manufacture time.

If you need assistance choosing, or have an urgent order, please contact us

We deliver the majority of our screens and partitions on our own vehicles. This reduces the likelihood of courier damage.

Our vans are loaded twice a week and a route is set throughout the UK depending on where in the country the screens need to be delivered. Your delivery will be advised at point of departure and you will be given a 'week commencing date' for delivery. We can advise you closer to the time a closer estimate for delivery.

We acknowledge that not all businesses are fully open and some are running reduced hours and skeleton staff. If you require a specific date and time slot for delivery we can arrange that for you at a small additional cost. Your order will be delivered on a dedicated vehicle and we can give you a specific ETA, allowing you to plan more precisely the acceptance of your order.

Some of our screens may be delivered by pallet. Delivery is to ground floor level. All protective packaging needs to be disposed of / recycled by the recipient. Our delivery drivers are unable to take waste packaging. Large quantities of Office Screens may be delivered on a pallet, which is a curbside delivery. Unpacking, pallet disposal and moving of protective screens cannot be undertaken by our drivers. Please have adequate facilities and staff in place to accept partition screen deliveries.

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ACHOO is brand name of XL Displays Ltd for our range of protection screens and social distancing solutions. XL Displays Ltd is a family owned and operated business supplying Exhibition Display Equipment, Event Marketing and Display Stand solutions alongside Office Screens, Partitions and Hygiene solutions.

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